TOP FORUM is an international business communication company. Our main idea is to take your business to the next level. To make this transformation happen you need to have a platform to meet hundreds of new clients and specialists, become aware of new trends and soak up fresh ideas from best experts. It’s what we call the forum impact. Face to face communication with like-minded professionals is a personal experience which leads your business to a great success. TOP FORUM business conferences give you the unique opportunity to set new goals, open your new strategy and implement the campaigns that will give you superiority in your industry. Just invest in your future.


We thoroughly choose the key international experts (lawyers, accountants, CXOs) to make a speech and advisory at international conferences and our audience obtains the most up-to-date information about new trends on the market. Should you like to share useful insights, become a speaker or take part in the TOP FORUM panel discussion in Israel, Ukraine, Qatar or in other country, please contact us.

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TOP FORUM business conferences and events serve as the best platform to learn useful insights in international tax, global banking, investments, corporate law, wealth management, asset management, etc., engage with peers from the global community and choose the best offer, and all that in one place, so your participation will safe dozens of working hours.

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TOP FORUM international law conferences in Israel, Ukraine, Qatar and worldwide are the best route to raise brand awareness, get pre- and after-event promotion among your target audience, confirm the highest level of your business, present your company services and catch the interest of highly qualified prospects and as a result to find new clients in Israel, Ukraine, Qatar and Worldwide.

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